Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meanwhile, in Smallville
Nearly a year after airing its final episode, the long-running CW show Smallville looks set to continue on in a new comic book series. It’s not the first time that this updated version of a young Clark Kent has appeared in comics, but the presence of writer Bryan Q. Miller, the show's former executive story editor, should guarantee Smallville Season 11 a smooth transition from the small screen.

I really grew to like this show, though its initial villian-of-the-week formula made me think it wouldn’t last. The idea of the future Superman having to master his abilities and responsibilites while swimming in a sea of teen angst was incredibly novel.  And I never grew tired of Clark—only anyone else, really—barging into Lex Luthor’s home unannounced to confront him. (You’d think his people would a better job of screening visitors.)

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