Monday, April 1, 2013

Coming Attractions: Sin City

Director Robert Rodriguez took us on a tour of the mean streets of graphic novel Sin City by artist (and co-director) Frank Miller on this date in 2005. The film’s impressive cast includes Bruce Willis (Det. John Hartigan), Mickey Rourke (Marv), Jessica Alba (Nancy Callahan), Rosario Dawson (Gail), Clive Owen (Dwight McCarthy), Elijah Wood (Kevin), Benicio del Toro (Det. Lt. Jack “Jackie Boy” Rafferty), Alexis Bledel (Becky), Brittany Murphy (Shellie), Jaime King (Goldie and Wendy), Michael Clarke Duncan (Manute), Powers Booth (Senator Roark), Rutger Hauer (Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark), Nick Stahl (Roark Junior/Yellow Bastard), Michael Madsen (Bob), Devin Aoki (Miho), and Josh Hartnett (the Salesman). Quentin Tarantino directed a car sequence involving Owen and del Toro’s characters.

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