Monday, May 20, 2013

Hitting The Mark

Now that Arrow has wrapped up its first season, Jesse Scheen gives props to the show’s writers:

“There were many notable elements that the writers introduced into the Green Arrow mythos. Generally a loner in the comics, here Ollie was given a full family and circle of allies. Some were inspired by characters from the comics, while others were entirely new creations. Probably the most successful new addition was John Diggle as Ollie's personal bodyguard-turned-ally in his war on crime. Watching the dynamic between Ollie and Diggle morph from cold and hostile to warm camaraderie was a treat. And the two sequences featuring Diggle in costume rather than Ollie suggested that this show could have a life beyond its lead character.”

(Image: Stephen Amell’s hooded vigilante meets assassin China White as played by Kelly Hu, The CW)

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