Thursday, June 20, 2013

Women Of Steel?

Natalie Wilson praises Man of Steel for showcasing women in “important, non-sexualized, non-damel-in-distress roles” and Alyssa Rosenburg calls it the “most feminist action movie of the year,” but Matt Zoller Seitz expresses some doubts, especially about Lois Lane played by Amy Adams:
“Adams’ Lois is tough and smart but has no personality, only drive, and she’s not as intergral to the action as she seems to be on first glance; it’s telling that this film gives equal or greater weigh to the story of an understandably distrustful general (Chris Meloni) whose relationship with Superman lets him become the stand-in for a doubting Earth, a role filled by Lois in the 1978 film.”
He adds:
“Considering that every previous Superman movie put the courtship dance between men and women at the heart of its action—particularly Superman: The Movie, Superman II, and Superman Returns—the fact that Man of Steel has a No Girls Allowed sensibility seems like a deliberate creative choice, a way to reassure young male viewers accustomed to the glib swagger of Iron Man and the dire self-pity of Nolan’s Batman that this hero is very much in the same wheelhouse.”
(Image: Antje Traue as General Zod’s Sub-Commander Faora-Ul, Warner Bros.)

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