Monday, August 26, 2013

Hollow Heroics

Ryan Britt tries looking for an underlying message in the recently released sequel to the 2010 superhero film Kick-Ass and comes up short:

“Here’s the weird thing about Kick-Ass 2: while managing to be pretty offensive, it’s trying really hard not to be. It really, really wants you to think all of this terrible stuff can be overcome through the belief that we can be real heroes in the real world. Honestly, that’s a nice thought, and one I can’t fault the movie for kinda trying to make. And this is where I find the film to be oddly emblematic of where Americas is right now in terms of dealing with social problems, particularly sexism, racism, and violence. We are really, really ashamed of ourselves, and we really wish our country wasn’t like this. But, hey! We’re Americans and we want to be entertained! So why can’t we have a movie like Kick-Ass 2 that lets us pretend to attack our shameful shortcomings by exploiting those very same shortcomings? We all ge the message, right?”

(Image: Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kick-Ass, Universal Pictures)

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