Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Worried About Warner

Following the recent announcement that Ben Affleck will portray the next Batman, Nicholas Slayton wonders if Warner Bros. will once again place superpowered slugfests above character and story:

“In Hollywood, of course, picking action over depth happens all the time. But as Marvel’s successes have shown that truly memorable superhero films manage to deliver both action and indelible characters, as with Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. Warner Brothers, as Man of Steel showed, still doesn’t seem to understand this. Green Lantern, the first DC superhero attempt outside of the Dark Knight trilogy, was heavily edited to remove character and story-building scenes in the name of lesser runtime. The idea was that a shorter film meant more screenings, which meant more money. But it didn’t work. Audiences didn’t like the bare-bones film and Green Lantern did not do as well as the studio hoped for.”

Meanwhile, Noah Berlatsky pines for a less dark Dark Knight.

(Image: Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern, Warner Bros.)

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