Monday, October 28, 2013

Touring With The Dead

It should come as no surprise that the success of The Walking Dead has created a minor tourism boom in a couple of the small Georgia towns, namely Senoia and Grantville, that served as shooting locales for the series:

“Since last summer, more than 3,600 visitors have taken a free tour led by Grantville Mayor Jim Sells, who explains where each scene from the “Clear” episode—during which the character Morgan makes it his mission to “clear” walkers by killing them—was filmed.”

Sells, who describes the increased number of tourists as “phenomenal,” adds:

“Nobody came after they filmed Lawless and Broken Bridges here,” he said, referring to movies shot in town. “But once this episode aired from The Walking Dead, people started showing up from all over.”

(Image: the idealic Woodbury Town Hall in Senoia, Georga, Tampa Bay Times)

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