Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Soldiering On

Will Perkins recently spoke with Erin Sarofsky, creative director of  Sarofsky, Corp., about the development of the end titles for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, including what helped to inspire them:

“The movie evokes 1970s conspiracy thriller cinema, but with a modern twist. We wanted to create a main title sequence that acknowledged that. So we worked within a style that has simple, graphic compositions with strong, legible typography.

Of course, we were respectfully bowing to the master, Saul Bass, here . . . but we were also inspired by the graphic styling associated with Jim Steranko. His bold, graphic illustration style really spoke to us when it came time to illustrate the characters.

The simple compostitions spoke to us in a Russian constructivist kind of way. The use of positive and negative space also take the look to another level, using the theory of gestalt to its full potential. And, in stereoscopic, this brought to a life in a way’ve never seen before.”

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