Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Colorful Discussion

This month, Oni Press released the final volume of the newly colored, six-part Scott Pilgrim series. Creator Bryan Lee O’Malley spoke to the A.V. Club about the evolution of his slacker hero, including working with colorist Nathan Fairbairn:

“There [are] a bunch more poster paint colors, and I started to encourage Nathan to do stuff like that. To think outside of realism a little bit. He’s a real stickler for representation and lighting and everything being—even though it is a cartoon world—believable. Which is great because you need to ground the story. But when it goes into these flights of fancy, I want the colors to do the same. So he started clicking with that kind of stuff. He started doing these really elaborate sunsets, which I am always insisting upon because I just love these anime skies.”

(Image: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Vol. 2, Bryan Lee O’Malley; Oni Press)

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