Friday, April 10, 2015

Keeping The Faith

Netflix debuted its newest series Marvel’s Daredevil today. Charles Moss considers the role that Catholicism plays for blind lawyer turned vigilante Matt Murdock:

“The Netflix show drives home the idea that Murdock can’t ever be absolved from sin, because he fears that admitting what he’s doing as Daredevil will risk his capture. Midseason, the priest he half-confessed to in the first episode offers his ear once again, in case Murdock wants to tell his secret, but Murdock plays coy. Not only does he feel he can’t confess, he doesn’t want to.”

He adds:

“[Charlie] Cox’s Daredevil is no saint. He breaks bones, He uses excessive force. He almost murders a man. But what stops him from going too far are not wise words from an Uncle Ben-like character or a sacred oath made at the graves of his parents; it’s his faith.”

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