Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Digital Facelift

Nate Jones discovers what the team at Lola VFX, led by visual effects supervisor Trent Claus, did to transform Michael Douglas into a version of his younger self for the opening scene in Ant-Man:
“Our cheeks thin out and sink as we get older, so Lola also added a little more fat to the middle of Douglas's cheeks. And since human ears and noses never stop growing, they also had to shrink Douglas’s back to their 1980s’ sizes as well as remove some of ear wrinkles. Then it came time to restore what Claus called Douglas’s “youthful glow,” adding shine to his skin and hiding the blood vessels in his nose.”
(Shout-out: Slate)

(Image: Michael Douglas goes retro, Marvel Studios/Walt Disney Pictures)

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