Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The Batman ‘66 comic recently wrapped up its 73-issue run with a clever nod to the television series that inspired it. James Whitbrook appreciates what the book’s writers and artists accomplished:
Batman's ‘66’s success didn’t just rely on recreating the TV show’s aesthetic and tone, week in, week out. It used its medium to the fullest extent to expand and create the ideal version of the show. The scale was so much bigger, with Batman trekking across the world for adventures in Japan, plus massive action sequences that the budget of a 1960s TV show, even a wildly popular one as Batman was, could never afford. It embraced the madness and gave it a scope to create truly brilliant capers. I mean, hell, this the the series that gave Batman an atomic-powered giant Bat-Robot, for crying out loud.”
(Image: opening credits of Batman, Warner Bros.)

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