Monday, November 30, 2015

Dumpster Diving

After examining the circumstances recently on The Walking Dead surrounding Glenn’s apparent death, Erik Kain shows how they really don’t pass the smell test:
“Notice how Glenn and Nicholas fall away from the dumpster? They very clearly fall with their heads going the other direction, down the alley. Their feet would be near the dumpster. And yet, when Glenn pulls himself to safety, somehow—miraculously!—his head is pointing toward the dumpster and he’s able to escape.”
Meanwhile, Lenika Cruz and David Sims find little in the show’s mid-season finale worth praising. Cruz unloads:
“This episode played like a false ending. It’s with great disappointment that I must conclude: I don’t like this season much so far. It had some fantastic moments, but “some fantastic moments” aren’t enough to keep me wanting to watch a show. The Walking Dead has a scale problem: Either it zooms out too big—muddying conversation after conversation with earnest declarations about The Way Things Are Now, or about How We Keep On Living. Or it goes extra myopic, busying itself with the most banal moments of its characters’ lives without bothering to imbue those with a new or greater purpose.”
Pivoting off this critic, the fact that Aaron, without a doubt the most saavy and aware original member of the Alexandria community, fails to appear in this most recent episode feels strikingly odd. The show has previously managed to juggle it’s various players and move the story along. But recently it appears as if everyone is fumbling around in the dark looking for a light switch.

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