Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Good Guy With A Gun

David Sims finds the latest incarnation of the Punisher to be “a hero for the Donald Trump era: a take-no-prisoners mercenary whose methods are remarkably simple and disturbingly easy to root for”:
“He still manages to dominate season two of Daredevil, especially in the early episodes, when [Charlie] Cox’s Matt Murdock barely feels present in the story at all. After a year of watching him slowly dismantle the empire of the villainous Kingpin, it’s almost jarring to be faced with the Punisher’s approach, which just involves bullets—lots of them, mostly in the face. Like Daredevil, he operates by a strict code of justice, but unlike him, murder is right at the core of it.”
(Image: Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) on the hunt for free Wi-Fi, Marvel Television/Netflix)

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