Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mr. Snyder's Opus

While film critics fend off the stones and arrows from rabid fans of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Jordan Hoffman considers what director Zack Snyder has already achieved cinematically with the 2007 ancient war epic 300:
“Snyder and his cinematographer, Larry Fong, went nuts amplifying the grain, blasting out colors, and popularizing the now admittedly overused technique of letting shots spin down in slo-mo, then ramp back up again once someone’s been slugged in the face. The “tale handed down through time” concept allowed for this more dreamlike style, and the only things in the movie that were actually grounded were the tactile objects like helmts, swords, and the unbelievable six-packs of all those Spartan soldiers. Snyder wasn’t the first to shoot a feature with this aesthetic (we’ll always love you, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow), but this film was the one that landed.”
(Image: King Leonidas: like a boss, Warner Bros. Pictures)

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