Thursday, March 3, 2016

An R-Rated Remembrance

Pivoting off the highly successful release of Deadpool, Jessica Ritchey pines for the days when an R-rated blockbuster meant something:
“It used to be par for the course that among the PG-13 sops there would be a healthy crop of event movies that earned their R rating. And the freedom it gave directors to run the limits and past them is sorely needed now. Full frontal shots aren’t going to make comic book movies grow up or be more palatable to audiences in telling the exact same origin story. Things will be better when R-rate blockbusters remember their roots and stop being afraid of women, sex, and consequences.”
Well, don’t expect the Marvel’s current crop of superhero flicks to push the envelope above PG-13 anytime soon.

(Image: an evening by the fire; Marvel Entertainment/20th Century Fox)

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