Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Parent Trap

Two years after becoming a mother, longtime horror fan Laura June now finds watching The Walking Dead to be somewhat challenging, particularly with regards to Maggie and Glenn’s unborn child: 
“Because I know that nothing in this universe changes, under no circumstances will the endgame for the Maggie-Glenn-baby story be “happy three-person family” or even “alive three-person family.” I almost expect Maggie to give birth and then one second later to have the baby attacked by a zombie, becoming the bit part character I have feared for almost six years: the tiny baby zombie.
“Where are all the baby zombies?” is a good and valid question, but what isn’t valid question, I don’t think, is, “Is this going to turn out well for Maggie and Glenn?” Because I don’t think there’s any possiblity of that, which makes me wonder if there’s a point to this show at all—not just for me, the haggard, assialed mom-viewer, but for Maggie the mom-to-be and for Judith, the current baby. There’s no future here, none that I can see. I’m almost angry at Maggie for even considering pregnancy. What kind of person would Maggie’s baby, or Judith, even be in this world where only the worst people survive?” 
It’s true that the zombie apocalypse really is no place for young people.

(Image: Glenn and Maggie aren’t expecting much in the way of a baby shower, AMC)

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