Wednesday, August 31, 2016

No Match For The Original

Now that Fear the Walking Dead has resumed its second season, Bryan Bishop notes that the spin-off series appears to be morphing into its predecessor:
Fear has always exhibited an intentional symbiosis with its parent series, but last night marked an unusual turn—the show started running through plot points that were beat-for-beat copies of scenes we’ve seen in The Walking Dead. Nick tussled with a zombie trapped in a car as he searched for water. Nick ran across gun-toting outlaws. Nick even ended up in a walled-off enclave that could have been a sister city to Terminus or Alexandria. (Five bucks says they’ve got some weird, dark secret, too.)”
(Image: Nick (Frank Dillane) finds himself in an homage to the tank scene from the premiere episode of The Walking Dead, AMC)

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