Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Squad Scribe

Neda Ulaby shines a light on the late Kim Yale, who, with her husband John Ostrander, co-wrote several issues of Suicide Squad in the 1980s and helped transform Batgirl into Oracle:
“After a C-list career that stretched over a couple of decades, Batgirl—real name, Barbara Gordon—ended up getting tortured, shot, paralyzed, and possibly raped by the Joker. Once that happened, DC benched her. John Ostrander and Kim Yale dug Batgirl out of comic book limbo and rebuilt her as Oracle, the DC Universe’s information broker and super hacker. Ostrander says Yale built a believable story about female trauma and resilience. She created a complex superhero who realistically used a wheelchair.”
(Images: cover images of Suicide Squad issues #23 (January 1989) and #49 (January 1991))

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