Wednesday, October 12, 2016

That Bites

Scott Mendelson points out a major stumbling block regarding the potential addition of the vampire hunter Blade to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, namely Wesley Snipes:
“The Blade character was singularly defined in pop culture by the movie star who portrayed him in his first live-action incarnation. For many (most?) casual fans, Blade “is” Wesley Snipes in the same way Indiana Jones “is” Harrison Ford. That does’t mean that Blade will never be welcomed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. but I’d imagine that [Kevin] Feige and friends are in no rush to bring him in. Part of the point of the MCU is creating A-level icons out of previously unknown/little-known characters who have little-to-no prior baggage. Blade is unique in that he has positive baggage.”
(Image: Blade made his first appearance in Tomb of Dracula #10 (July, 1973), art by Gene Colan, Marvel Comics)

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