Monday, April 22, 2013

A Rich Man's Game

Michael Moran notices that today’s superhero films appear less focused on costumed crimefighters helping the little guy and more concerned with the squabbles of wealthy protagonists:

“Money Supermarket threw together some figures on how much it might cost to become a superhero. Batman came out at around $690,000,000. The price of becoming Iron Man was an even more impressive $1,600,000,000.

Now, those numbers are fanciful estimates rooted in the weird science of superhero world, but they’re probably in the right order of magnitude. Until we find a planet populated by creatures who can fly and shoot lasers from their eyes, or an intersteller police force armed with near-omnipotent jewellery, money is the only real superpower.”

(Shout-out: Bleeding Cool)

(Image: Adam West as civic-minded millionaire(!) Bruce Wayne in Batman (1966), 20th Century Fox)

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