Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coming Attractions: The Losers

Warner Bros. Pictures released the action film The Losers, based on the comic book series by Andy Diggle and Jock, on this date in 2010. Directed by Sylvain White, the movie stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Lt. Col. Franklin Clay), Idris Elba (Cpt. William Roque), Zoe Saldana (Aisha al-Fadhil), Chris Evans (Cpt. Jake Jensen), Columbus Short (Sgt. Linwood “Pooch” Porteous)Óscar Jaenada (Sgt. Carlos “Cougar” Alvarz), and Jason Patric (Max).

Earlier coverage of Jock’s art appearing in the film’s opening credits here.

(Image: Jeffery Dean Morgan as Franklin Clay and Idris Elba as William Roque work through some issues in The Losers, Warner Bros. Pictures)

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