Friday, May 3, 2013

Coming Attractions: Barb Wire

Pamela Anderson packs some heat as the title character in the futuristc action film Barb Wire, which was released on this date in 1996. Directed by David Hogan and based on the eponymous comic book series from Dark Horse, the movie also features Xander Berkeley (Alexander Willis), Temuera Morrison (Axel Hood), Victoria Rowell (Dr. Corrina “Cora D” Devonshire), Andre Rosey Brown (Bog Fatso), Udo Kier (Curly), Jack Noseworthy (Charlie Kopetski), Steve Railsback (Colonel Pryzer), and Clint Howard (Schmitz).

(Image: Pamela Anderson demonstrates how to properly clean a gun in Barb Wire, Universal Pictures)

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