Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Landscapes Of The Dead

George Pfau has created a series of impressionist paintings based on scenes from a number of zombie movies as well as the television hit The Walking Dead. The artist explains what his works strive to convey:

“Zombies engender many experiences of bodies blending together or blending into their surroundings. A zombie bites a person, crossing a physical boundary, essentially blending into that person, and shifts their identity from recognized individual to more homogenous mass. Zombies are constantly oozing into their surroundings, bleeding, falling apart, in the way that humans are also constantly shedding skin, hair, etc. I use paint to depict this ooze.”

Recent CBC coverage of The Walking Dead film locales here.

(Shout-out: The Dish)

(Images, top to bottom: “The Walking Dead, Prey,” George Pfau)

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